Inside tips to painting interior doors like a professional painter.

There comes a point in time, when every homeowner decides to repaint the interior doors in their home. How they go from that thought to the completed project – that’s is what interests us. Painting just a few doors is fine, for 5 or more spraying is preferable. . Over 10 – they should only use a spray gun. Every professional painter will say, the first thing to do when taking on a project like this, is the evaluation phase. There are some basic questions to ask, like have I ever used a paint sprayer before? If the answer is no, there’s no reason they can’t learn.

painting interior doorsEvery house owner should be able to recognize if they have any aptitude with the usage of this tool. It is possible to rent an excellent quality paint sprayer. As with any tool that is for rent, make sure to take care of it, and return it in the exact same condition as when it was rented. In the case of a paint sprayer, always check and make sure there is no paint left in the pump, hose line, filters, the gun and spray tip. Next, is there a suitable place to complete this task? Spraying doors must be completed inside, as a professional painter may take them back to their shop. For most home owners, this means using the garage, or a barn with enough space to hold them.

As with every project the preparation work is finished first. Prepare your painting space, so not to get any of the paint overspray on the floors, walls or any other items. This means paper on the floors, and painter plastic on the walls. Be detailed in your space regarding the prep work. Overspray has a tendency of going everywhere. Ensure all the floor area is clean, as the force of the spray will kick up any debris to the bottom of the doors while spraying.

Remove all the doors hardware, and take the doors to the garage. It best to place all screws, hinges, and knobs in separate boxes, so to be ready for the reinstall. Also, when doing the removal, it is better to number all the doors to make sure the correct door goes back where it belongs.Write the number on the hinge hole on the door frame, and the door, and cover with tape. Once in the garage stand up the doors, 2 together, each at a 90 degree angle to each other, by screwing a small length of wood to the top edge of the doors. Do this with all of them, enabling you to walk around them and spray. Smooth your hands over the surface of the doors, ensuring it is smooth and ready for painting. Vacuum to remove any dust. Prime all the door surfaces as needed. Use the spray tip as advised by the directions on the paint can. Start to spray door edges, then door facings, one door at a time. Allow to dry over night. Then rehang.

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